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Electrical Panel Upgrades: What you need to know and when you may need one.

Upgrading your electrical panel is a major project and unless you are qualified with many years of electrical experience and have sufficient knowledge of electrical systems this is definitely a job you want to leave to the pros. Many homeowners may try to take on this project themselves or shop for the cheapest electrician or handyman who is willing to complete the panel upgrade but we strongly advise against this as the main electrical panel is the most vital component in your homes electrical system. 

When looking for a pro to complete your panel upgrade always use a licensed and insured electrical contractor who is willing to pull the necessary City permits and coordinate your job with the local power company. It is important that you hire a contractor who is willing to coordinate the required City inspections and schedule a proper shut down with the local utility provider, without completing these steps you become responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of the panel upgrade. 

* Note: it is very dangerous to work on a main electrical panel without the proper shut down procedure by your utility provider. Never let an electrician talk you into upgrading your electrical panel without proper permits or power company notification. You could become responsible for their injury or death should something happen during the upgrade process. If you choose to use an unlicensed electrician to complete the panel upgrade you also assume responsibility for any future loss due to electrical fire or property damage that could arise from faulty wiring or installation at the new electrical panel. Home owners insurance will not cover work that is completed by unlicensed contractors or has not been conducted with the proper City permits and inspections. For you own safety and peace of mind always use a licensed electrician who is willing to follow local laws and City requirements when completing your electrical panel upgrade.  

Your homes electrical panel is the main source and most critical part of the entire electrical system, if your panel is in poor condition, outdated, or undersized you could be in for an electrical nightmare in the near future. Making sure that your electrical panel is in a safe proper working condition is critical to your personal safety as well as the protection of your personal belongings such as appliances, computers and TV's. Your main electrical panel is made up of many parts that all function together and depend upon each other for optimum performance. If any one of the parts is worn, broken or in need of repair it could potentially jeopardize the entire electrical panel. 

Here are some indications that your electrical panel may need repair or replacement:

- Breakers are stuck, hot to the touch, visibly broken or melted, the brand does not match the panel or there are mixed brands of breakers, breakers are outdated.

- Wires are burned or browned near connection points to breakers or other screw terminals in electrical panel

- There is a burnt odor, heat, or oily substance on the electrical breakers

- Your electrical panel is missing the covers so breakers and other components are exposed to the elements

- Lights and other electronic devices in the home seem to flicker or fluctuate at random times throughout the day or night

- You have one or more breakers that are constantly tripping

- You recently had a solar power system installed but they did not complete a panel upgrade

- Your electrical panel or breakers are one of the following brands: Sylvania, Federal Pacific, Challenger, Zinsco. These brands are outdated and have been known to cause many electrical fires and hazards associated with the electrical panel. If you have one of these brands you should seriously consider having your electrical panel replaced.

- You have added a room addition, electrical appliances, pool spa or other additions to your homes electrical system

- Your electrical panel is less than 100A

- Your home is older than 1970

Failure at the main electrical panel can often lead to fires resulting in severe personal loss and possible fatalities so ensuring that your electrical panel is in good condition and is properly sized to supply your homes power needs is crucial. If you are concerned about your electrical panels condition or would like to receive a consultation or inspection of your main electrical panel please contact us to schedule an appointment and have one of our professionals visit your home.

A Full Service Panel Upgrade Includes: City Permit, Inspection & Stucco Repair

Upgrading your electrical panel may require stucco repair. At HB Electric we include stucco repair and paint as part of our panel upgrade package so you don't have to worry about hiring any other contractors to come in after us and clean up the mess. If you are looking for a professional job on your panel upgrade look no further HB Electric has what it takes and more. We are Licensed, bonded and insured up to 2M. for your peace of mind. All of our electricians are experts at electrical panel upgrades, repairs, and troubleshooting so you can rest assured when you hire us to complete your panel upgrade.

Your electrical panel nightmare is no problem for HB Electric

No matter what the condition of your electrical panel is we can troubleshoot, fix or replace it no problem. Our electricians are experts in panel repair and replacement and we know the fastest most efficient way to solve all of your electrical panel problems. Wether you need a full panel upgrade or just a few breakers replaced we will complete your job in a professional manner and ensure that your home's main electrical panel is safe and working properly. We know what to look for and how to solve all of your electrical panel problems fast. 

The bottom line is you may or may not need a panel upgrade. Our staff is friendly and honest so we will let you know our professional opinion and help you avoid costly repairs or replacement if it is unnecessary. Many times our customers have been told by other contractors that they need a panel upgrade when this simply is not true. If you think you may need a panel upgrade or if someone else has indicated that you need one give us a call and get a second opinion, we could save you a lot of money in the end. 

Electrical Panel Troubleshooting, Repairs and Breaker Replacement

If you have been experiencing electrical panel trouble or problems with your breakers we can help. To many people it may seem very intimidating to deal with trouble at your homes electrical panel and in all reality it is. Your electrical panel is the most critical part of your homes electrical system so making sure that it is functioning properly is a very important task. And if done improperly it could jeopardize the entire system.

At HB Electric we know how to test your electrical panel and what to look for so if you are experiencing problems with your panel or breakers don't hesitate to give us a call, Our electricians are experienced with every type of troubleshooting and repair so we will be sure to solve your electrical problems fast saving you time and money. 

Breaker replacement is not a difficult task but if done improperly or with the wrong parts can cause catastrophic failure to your electrical panel. This is why it is important to use only qualified electricians who understand your homes electrical system and use the proper parts when replacing your breakers or other panel parts.

Things to consider when replacing electrical breakers:

1). Breaker size VS Wire size (the breaker must be of adequate size to support the circuit it is powering. On the flip side an oversized breaker may run the risk of damaging your equipment or causing an electrical fire).

2). Breaker Type & Brand (The breaker type and brand must match your electrical panel or be a compatible replacement to avoid potential electrical failure or possible damage to the panel).

3). Breaker Function ( Is the breaker an arc fault type or GFCI type. You will need to determine if you are dealing with a specialty breaker and make sure that any new replacement is of the same type. Arc fault breakers are used to protect your electrical circuits against arcing which is the typical cause of electrical fires. GFCI breakers are used to protect people from electrocution and or shock due to electricity near water or other wet locations. It is important that these breakers are replaced with the proper type to ensure electrical safety in your home). 

Remember to always turn off the main breaker before working in your electrical panel. Failure to do so could result in severe personal injury or death. It is always best to hire a licensed electrician to repair your breakers or work on your electrical panel this will protect you against many common mistakes that people often make when working on their homes electrical system. If you are in need of electrical panel repairs contact us today and we will have one of our electricians assist you in the diagnostic and repair of your panel.