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Electricians Serving Temecula & Murrieta 

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Commercial LED Lighting & Electrical, Temecula, CA


See Real LED Case Studies

Not sure if LED's are the right choice for your business? Check out some of these actual case studies and see the huge potential savings of LED lighting. Many of these companies are saving in the tens of thousands every year by using LED's.


"Helping businesses cut costs and save big on their electric bill..."

New LED Lighting Upgrades

Saving businesses thousands off of their electric bills Every year. With federal and local incentives there is no better time than now!

Commercial Lighting Accounts for 33% of anual energy costs for businesses. Installing LED lighting can decrease your current lighting costs by 70% or more and decrease your Air conditioning load by as much as 15%.

LED Upgrades Average An Outstanding 3 Year ROI With financing options that will be lower than your monthly savings. Take advantage of imediate savings by switching over to LED lighting today.

Get Your Free LED Savings Report

Want to see how much your business could save by switching to LED's? We will give you a free onsite evaluation and full cost savings analysis to determine if LED's make dollars and sense for your business. Get in touch today for your free report.


  Heres Why Companies Are Switching Over To LED Lighting....

  • You Save Up To 60%
  • You Can Write Off 100% of the cost of upgrading
  • Attractive incentives and rebates rebates from your local utility company
  • Financing is available at a rate even lower than what you will be saving each month
  • LED's last 20+years and require virtually no maintenance
  • LED's Save even more energy by reducing your Air Conditioning load.
  • LEDs Offer You A 3 Year ROI business for the 20+ life of the system.

Schedule Your Free Evaluation Today To See Your Potential Energy Savings...

We will schedule a convienient time to visit your location and provide you with a full savings report as well as cost analysis and ROI information. We offer a full line of high quality LED fixtures to suit the lighting needs of virtually every type of business. You will recieve a full and comprehensive report to determine if LED's are the right choice for your business. If you would like we will install one of the actual LED fixtures at your location so you can experience the Difference before making a decision to buy. All of these services are offered for free with absolutely no obligations to buy.