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Electricians Serving Temecula & Murrieta 

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Electricians of Lake Elsinore, CA

Edward Electric has been serving the Lake Elsinore valley for many years providing for the various needs of homeowners and business owners alike. 

Lake Elsinore has been the home of many complete home electrical rennovations as well as whole house rewires. Due to the age of many of the homes in the area Lake Elsinore is also a large market for Electrical troubleshooting and repairs.

Many investors have been purchasing homes in the valley over the last ten years wich has resulted in a large number of residential electrical rehab projects for us.

Some of the Electrical work we do in Lake Elsinore is as follows:

Residential Electrical Service calls - ( We perform many service calls to the Lake Elsinore area due to the high volume of older homes with outdated electrical systems. Our electrical service calls are always affordable and performed in a timely manner.)

Home Electrical Rennovations - ( We have performed many complete electrical system rewires and extensive electrical upgrades throughout the City Of Lake Elsinore. Many of these projects have come from investors and real estate professionals who are contributing to bringing up the value of homes in the area.)

Electrical Panel Upgrades - ( Lake Elsinore is home to a large number of electrical panel upgrades due mainly to the age of many of the homes within the area. Many Lake Elsinore homes have dangerous and improper wiring which if not corrected can cause serious damage to personell and property alike. For this reason a large portion of our electrical repair services are spent within the Lake Elesinore Area)

Electrical Repairs, Rewires & Code violations corrected - ( Many homes for sale in Lake Elsinore have code violations are in need of Electrical repairs before they can be sold. We offer many services to homeowners and real estate professionals to fix electrical issues and get these homes sold fast.)