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Recessed Lighting Upgrades For Your Home or Business

Recessed lighting makes all of the difference on your homes interior. HB Electric offers professional results when it comes to recessed lighting design and installation throughout your home. Virtually any room in your home can can benefit from recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is sleek, clean and modern and can add greatly to the feel and value of your home when looking to sell or if you just like to impress and entertain. 

Recessed lighting looks amazing when designed correctly so it is important that you choose the right company when looking for an electrician or recessed lighting installer. You will first need to consider the proper placement and quantity of recessed lights for a particular room. Secondly you will need to decide on the correct recessed light size and lamp type for the custom feel you are looking to achieve. 

Some of the options you have when deciding on recessed lighting for your home could be wether or not to used LED, halogen or traditional incandescent type lamps. Other options to enhance your recessed lighting installation may include adding a dimmer switch to adjust the mood of the room with custom lighting levels at different times of the day. HB Electric can help you with all of these design decisions and walk you through the whole process to make sure all of your lighting needs are met and that you achieve the greatest potential out of your new recessed lighting investment. Contact us today for a free quote on your recessed lighting project.

New Recessed Lighting And Title 24 Energy Codes

Title 24 Compliance is an important thing to consider when upgrading your home with recessed lighting. Due to recent energy code mandates in California residential lighting has specific requirements when it comes to installing new lighting or adding recessed can lights to certain areas of your home. Many contractors pay no attention to the new energy codes and choose rather to install the most cost effective method that will benefit them but we believe it is important to keep your home up to code and in line with all of the required local lighting requirements and energy codes. Keep in mind that power companies base your utility costs on the actual wattage you consume so higher wattage fixtures in certain areas of the home could lead to higher tier electrical rates costing you more in the long run.

Did you know that title 24 requires you to install energy compliant lighting in all kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages and exterior portions of your home. All bathrooms are required to be equipped with Motion sensor switches and kitchens as well as laundry rooms, garages and exteriors must have efficient lighting such as LED or fluorescent lighting. Because of the harsh and un-natural light that many fluorescent fixtures tend to give off many of our customers choose to use LED fixtures when installing recessed lighting in these areas. Make sure you use knowledgable lighting installers for your recessed lighting project who are willing to follow local codes and keep your home lighting energy efficient.

Professional Recessed lighting Design & Layout

Finding the right professional for your recessed lighting project could be a daunting task. It is important to only hire a licensed electrician to complete your lighting installation and avoid costly mistakes if things don't work out as planned. Recessed lighting may seem like a simple task but there is much to consider in a well thought out lighting design plan for your home. Choosing a contractor who is capable of effectively patching drywall holes may be necessary especially if you live in a two story home and are planning on adding recessed lighting on the first floor. Without attic access it is likely that the lighting installer will need to cut holes in the walls or ceiling to run the proper wiring for your new lights. At HB Electric we offer full service recessed lighting including drywall repair if necessary once we are finished. Contact us today for a quote on your recessed lighting project.

Actual pictures taken of recessed lighting projects completed by HB Electric for some of our local customers. Call us for your free phone quote or to schedule your recessed lighting design and installation. Licensed, professional lighting installers giving you professional results time after time.

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